Facial Treatments

At Dermavita, we effectively deal with the problem of acne which usually occurs in adolescence but can also appear later in life. We consider each case as unique. We recommend personalized treatments, involving a combination of all the possible treatments available to us through the science of dermatology (Combo Therapy).

We combine laser treatment, medication, chemical peels, popular treatments and advanced skincare formulations. Upon completion of treatment, acne will no longer be a problem.

Treatment Options

Deep Cleansing

Clearing the pores requires the removal of sebum by use of special medical instruments. In this way, we achieve deep cleansing of the lesions and scars and remove the risk of them becoming permanent. At Dermavita, we do not use steam to open the pores, as this may cause exacerbation of acne, contamination or deterioration of spider veins. For proper skin preparation for facials, we prefer to use the much more specialized peels and scrubs instead of steam.

With Chemical Peels

Chemical peels achieve deep exfoliation and cleansing. The treatment is extremely effective and results in the reduction of acne, and the regulation of combination skin (oiliness). The skin is therefore cleansed and pesky pimples will disappear. The peels which are preferred and applied in our clinic are the Mask Peel from Dermaceutic, and the 3 Step Peel and GSR System from ZO Skin Health (Zein Obagi).

With Laser

The Fractional Artisan LUX 1540 and Palomar Fractional Artisan LUX 1540, with the new XD Hand Piece (Extra Deep) and specialized VBeam Perfecta Pulse Dye can be used either in combination with medication, or alone if the medication is not desired.

Additionally, we’ll perform a second session to remove the marks left behind by acne (red spots or scars).

With Skincare Cosmetics

The revolutionary ZO Skin Health (Zein Obagi), Dermaceutic and SkinCeutical skincare lines significantly reduce the appearance of pimples and prevent them from reappearing. These skincare products serve as allies for the treatment of acne, and specialize in cleansers, exfoliators, oil control creams, acids, masks, light moisturizing creams and sunscreens which do not aggravate acne.