Age Spots

Facial Treatments

Treatment options:

  • Candela Pulse Dye VBeam Perfecta
  • Palomar Fractional Artisan 2940 Erbium Yag
  • Chemical Peels: Mela Peel and TCA both from Dermaceutic, and the Blue Peel from Zo Skin Health
  • Specialized skincare products


Age spots or melasma affect the overall skin tone. They “attack” areas of the face such as the forehead, upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, arms and back. They are caused by overproduction of melanin in the skin and are mostly found in dark skin tones or in light skin tones with freckles.

At Dermavita, we deal with sun spots with a combination of methods (Combo Therapy), depending on the extent of the problem and the characteristics of each skin type.