Day Treatments

Facial Treatments

At Dermavita, we choose the best facial day treatments, aiming to correct skin problems (such as acne and rosacea) and restore hydration, radiance and firmness. Armed with the protocols of the leading skincare brands such as ZO Skin Health (Zei Obagi) and Skinceuticals, we aim to meet your individual needs to rejuvenate the face.

ZO Obagi Ultra Hydration Treatment

This is the famous hydrating and protective treatment that includes skin cleansing, exfoliating, two peels, blue mask to make the skin glow, deep hydration, antioxidant protection, and sunscreen.

This therapy should be ideally combined with laser and skin tightening treatments for maximum effect.

ZO Obagi Brightening Treatment

This therapy guarantees immediate, noticeable results and comprises of deep cleansing of the skin, removal of dead skin cells, application of two different peels, a blue mask to make the skin glow, a Brightening Ossential Skin Mask, an antioxidant serum, and application of moisturizing cream and sunscreen.

Reconditioning and firming

This is a treatment for firming which includes deep skin cleansing, a 10-minute massage with Gentle Cleanser and Phyto Corrective Gel, deep-pore cleansing, toning, and application of special creams as well as eye cream.

Clinical Acne Treatment

This is a treatment for acne and is a facial using two special products. First, special gauzes are applied and then removed with water. The pores are opened and a mask with vitamin C and equalizing toner is applied. The mixture is removed with gauze after 7-10 minutes. Thereafter, special products are applied to nourish the skin and the eye area. We advise the patient to use Retinol 0.5 the evening after treatment.

Redness Neutralizer Treatment-Rosacea skin

This is a treatment for rosacea. After a cleansing facial, a mix of products especially designed to reduce redness is applied, followed by a facial massage.

After removing of the products with wet gauze, specific products are applied to the sensitive areas of the face and around the eyes. Treatment is finalized with the application of a top-of-the-line sunscreen (Sheer Mineral spf50 or Mineral Radiance spf50).