Mesotherapy – Hydration

Facial Treatments

Our wrinkle prevention and deep skin hydration will give your skin a unique glow. At Dermavita, our mesotherapy treatment can be applied in three ways: (i) with thin injectable needles, (ii) with Roller or (iii) with Dermapen.

Treatment areas:

  • Over all the face
  • Around the eyes
  • The neck
  • The neckline

Duration and frequency of treatment

Each mesotherapy session, depending on the location and extent of the problem, does not exceed 30 minutes. The materials used are hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants. The mesotherapy is applied throughout the duration of this time in intervals.


  • Hydrates the skin
  • Reduces, and more importantly, prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • Gives skin a healthy and glowing appearance
  • Improves dark circles around the eyes

With mesotherapy, the results are immediate and visible from the very first session.

Possible side effects

Hypersensitivity, bruising of the treated area, local swelling. In any event, the side effects subside in one or two days.