Skin Tightening

Body Treatments

Even if you have little or no extra weight, saggy skin is a nuisance that plagues many women and men alike. The elasticity of the skin subsides and the body loses its youthfulness. Solutions exist and are effective and we can restore the skin collagen to appear nourished, firmer and beautiful.

Treatment Options

Radio-frequency (RF)


Coccon Duotechnology


Mesotherapy is a tool for deep hydration. It can take inches off those difficult areas such as thighs and arms (bat-wings) and give your skin a healthy and lustrous appearance. Mesotherapy can be injected by Roller or Dermapen and the injections are simple, quick and almost painless.

The Coccon Duotechnology is a new, cutting-edge, tightening treatment performed non-invasively (no scalpel) which is combined with the Cavitation method radio-frequency (RF).

Duration and frequency of treatments

6-10 sessions are recommended with an interval of 10-14 days (depending on the extent of the problem, where it is, the patient’s age and their lifestyle).

Possible side effects

Topical swelling