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ZO SKIN HEALTH develop and produce innovative skin care formulas. The company’s effective treatments, both in products and therapeutic protocols, are applied in beauty clinics worldwide. For the daily care of your skin, ZO SKIN HEALTH skincare products are one of the top skincare cosmetics ranges which are only available at specialized dermatological centers. You can find ZO SKIN HEALTH eye creams, moisturizing creams, night treatment creams, scrubs, sunscreens and many more of their products at Dermavita. Our colleagues will help you choose the right products for your skin type and needs.

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Dermaceutic is one of the first companies worldwide to have developed formulas and products using ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and glycolic acid. The renewal of the epidermis (first layer of skin) is initially achieved with an exfoliating program at different stages. To ensure the best possible result, this should be combined with the proposed treatment for application at home. The skin looks smoother, fresher and more rejuvenated than ever.

The effectiveness of the Dermaceutic products and treatment programs is due to their ongoing clinical trials in collaboration with leading physicians and researchers in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

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The breakthrough discoveries of SkinCeuticals on the action of antioxidants led to the creation of the highly active and effective combinations in their products, which penetrate the skin in the best and most effective way.

The products are produced in the U.S. and are used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide for optimal correction of the signs of aging, and to protect healthy skin and prevent future damage.

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Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale complete make-up line has all the range that a woman needs with additional advantages such as simultaneous skin care and protection. Jane Iredale, the founder and creator of these harmonious makeup products, created the foundations from minerals, and these serve as a one-in- four as they incorporate a base, a powder, a concealer and a sunscreen. Women who wear Jane Iredale always look natural and fresh, while simultaneously protecting their skin.

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