Topical Fat

Body Treatments

Localized fat alters the shape of the body and can afflict women and men alike, and even people who are not overweight. The fat is located at certain common points such as the abdomen, the waist (love handles), buttocks, the inner thighs, knees and arms (bat-wings) and does not go away or respond to crash diets or exercise.

At the Dermavita dermatological clinic, we design a topical fat control program which is a combination of effective, bloodless treatments (Combo Therapy), which deliver excellent and immediate results.

Treatment Options

Kryolipolysi with Coccon Cooltech

Revolutionary cryo-liposculpture method. This non-invasive fat reduction method deals with reducing excess subcutaneous fat from the common bodily areas by means of its controlled cooling mechanism.

RF: Coccon Duotechnology Radiofrequency - Cavitation

The Coccon Duotechnology heats body tissue using a variety of heads (monopolar and bipolar radio frequency (RF) and Cavitation) which succeed in breaking up fat with their special ultrasound energy.


This injectable treatment aims at infusing liposoluble substances deep into the skin. Mesotherapy lipolysis is applied to areas of the body that need fat reduction, improve the appearance of cellulite and takes off inches.

You can see the results of kryolipolysis from the very first treatment. You’ll get a complete picture of the effect after around 3 months of the initial treatment.

The results with Coccon Duotechnology and mesotherapy are visible from the very first session, with a gradual improvement in the following months.

Duration and frequency of treatment

Depending on the type of treatment chosen, the following sessions are needed:

1-3 sessions of Kryolipolysis, every 45 to 90 days
6-10 sessions of Coccon Duotechnology, every 15 days (each session lasts 30 to 40 minutes)
4-6 sessions of mesotherapy, every 15 days (each session is under 30 minutes)

A combination of the above therapies is often recommended.